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Obama's cyber security plan puts spotlight on users

February 09, 2016 /

President Obama's new $19 billion information technology budget could be a boon to Silicon Valley security companies but also reflects the realization that the weakest point of many computer networks is the user.The plan, unveiled Tuesday, is part of a major security overhaul for government systems to be funded with a 35 percent increase in federal resources for cybersecurity.The increase would be welcome news for key valley companies that work closely with the federal government on cybersecurity, said Brent Thill, a security analyst with UBS Investment Bank."There's not one cybersecurity vendor like an Amazon or a Google, but there are a handful of vendors we think have a very strong presence in federal government," he said.The President's Cybersecurity National Action Plan has $3.1 billion for improving antiquated government systems, and will encourage a greater use of a security feature called multifactor authentication. This feature requires users to present several pieces of information to gain access to a system instead of a simple password.