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Overcoming the 2019 cyber-threat

March 07, 2019 / Nick Offin

Over the last couple of years, the dramatic development of digital technologies has fuelled the growth and needs of the mobile workforce. Recent research by Microsoft found that only 11.4 per cent of European employees feel highly productive at work, and, amidst the arrival of innovative technologies like 5G, mobile working is not only becoming increasingly prevalent, but also more popular with offices no longer confined to four walls.  However, while it is important organisations give employees the flexibility of remote working, they must also be mindful that – in an age of mass data proliferation – the wider a network perimeter has to stretch, the more scope exists for security breaches. The cybersecurity measures needed to protect flexible workers. Phishing attacks on the rise in 2018. What you need to get a career in cybersecurity. The 2019 cyber-threat landscape. As organisations adapt to this rapidly changing environment, they must be cautious of technology&rsquo...