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Pandemic Has Unleashed an Unprecedented Level of Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare

July 03, 2020 / Samantha Ann Schwartz

Ransomware hit at least 26 U.S. healthcare providers between January and May, according to Recorded Future, which used open-source reporting to verify the attacks. April and May averaged six ransomware attacks each, compared to five attacks in April and three attacks in May last year. Recorded Future confirmed Maze was responsible for at least six ransomware attacks this year and NetWalker was responsible for at least five. Since 2016, Recorded Future said it cataloged 161 publicly disclosed ransomware attacks targeting healthcare providers. Of the 57 attacks recorded in 2019, at least 10 organizations paid or partially paid the ransom. Last year the healthcare industry was inundated with an unprecedented level of ransomware attacks. Smaller healthcare providers, unable to pay a ransom or recover from the damage, were forced to shutter.