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PayThink The crooks will win unless cybersecurity is fought on multiple fronts

July 30, 2019 / Madeline Aufseeser

Protecting assets against cybersecurity is a daunting task, much akin to putting a finger in the hole of a dike. While the Equifax breach and subsequent fines highlight the importance of putting common sense over dollars, no one should be fooled by the sheer effort required to protect data, customers and address privacy concerns. Financial service companies and providers now require a chief security officer that has a keen understanding of all the pieces and parts of the business as well as what is required to stay ahead of the bad actors. Firms need to move toward a more comprehensive security strategy that blankets the whole organization and is dedicated to protecting all stakeholders and customers. That's because security is more than a single battle, it's a war on multiple fronts. Companies and financial service providers are fighting the cyber war on two separate fronts, both of which have many facets. The primary categories that need protection are first the securing and ...