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Phishing is the top security threat for businesses

August 13, 2019 / Anthony Spadafora

A security service developed by the telecommunications firm Telefónica, in collaboration with McAfee and Allot, has revealed that the majority of the threats (89%) it has blocked so far are related to phishing. During the first two months in which it was deployed, the security service also discovered that a new threat is created every six seconds and that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are cybercriminals preferred target since they typically employ lower levels of cyber protection. Telefónica designed its Conexión Segura Empresas (secure connection for businesses) to be scalable in order for smaller businesses to benefit from the same level of protection deployed at larger firms. One trillion phishing emails sent every year. UK students left open to university phishing attacks. McAfee and Dell team up to protect consumers from growing cyber threats.