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Photo App Develops Tool with User Images

May 10, 2019 / Kacy Zurkus

Photo storage app Ever failed to get consent from users who uploaded millions of images to the service before it adopted the images as tools to train a commercial facial recognition system, according to NBC News. Without disclosing their use of the images to users of the app, Ever also reportedly offered to sell that facial recognition technology to private companies, law enforcement and the military. “What began in 2013 as another cloud storage app has pivoted toward a far more lucrative business known as Ever AI – without telling the app’s millions of users,” wrote NBC News. The story has raised a lot of privacy questions around whether photo-based apps should be using photo data submitted by end users to train facial recognition systems without end user consent, even in cases where identifying information about users isn’t shared. “Users need to consent to be training data. Faces are one of the most personal things we have, and faces can have legi...