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Preventing Cyberattacks on Small Businesses with AIONCLOUD

July 14, 2020 / PR Newswire

It's not uncommon to hear about huge companies having security breaches losing not only valuable personal information of their customers but also damaging them financially. This might lead one to think that cyberattacks are geared towards big fortune 500 companies but that's simply not true. Almost half of the cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses and only about 10% are equipped to defend against them. The consequences of these attacks are devastating. A cyberattack incident costs an average of $200,000 in damages. This figure does not just apply to a big enterprise but businesses of all sizes. More than half of the businesses that have been attacked close their business within six months after a security incident. "With COVID-19 and changes in the work environment created a lot of gap in cybersecurity and cyber attackers are exploiting this opportunity," says Kyle Lee, the CEO of the cybersecurity company, AIONCLOUD. "Oftentimes, small businesses ...