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Purdue Launches Simulation Training Platform for Cybersecurity

August 22, 2019 / Sara Friedman

Purdue University is collaborating with cyber defense company Cyberbit to create a cyberattack simulation program for career professionals. Using the Cyberbit Range software platform, Purdue will create a virtual model of an IT network, including servers, routers and applications, in which learners will able to develop their skills by facing simulated attacks such as denial-of-service or ransomware. Purdue and Cyberbit will also work together to enhance the university's cybersecurity offerings through a division of Purdue's cyberTAP Technical Assistance Program. As part of the partnership, Purdue researchers will gain opportunities to study the most effective techniques to teach cybersecurity skills. In addition, Cyberbit will aid in the development of a joint Information Technology Security Lab at Purdue that will be focused on studying protocols used in traditional IT infrastructures and exploring ways to defend organizations against cyber attacks.