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Qualys Extends Cloud Platform With Patch Management

February 12, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerne

Qualys announced a new patch management application on Feb. 12, providing organizations with the ability to more easily manage the often-complex process of keeping infrastructure software updated. Qualys Patch Management (PM) is part of the Qualys Cloud Platform service that runs with a single agent on an endpoint to collect information and manage different services. The new service runs alongside other capabilities in the Qualys Cloud Platform, including vulnerability and IT asset management as well as a Web Application Firewall (WAF). With the new patch management component, Qualys is looking to help organizations not only identify areas of vulnerability within their IT systems, but also keep them patched as well. "As the number of devices are increasing and there is a move toward more of a hybrid environment, the ability to quickly patch and remediate things is still a major challenge, even though our customers can already identify vulnerabilities continuously," Sumedh Tha...