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Reining in remote endpoints: How automation helps balance IT security & productivity

May 14, 2019 / Ivan Jaramillo

As a growing number of companies move toward a more remote and distributed workforce model, many find themselves in a tradeoff: the overhead saved by reducing or eliminating centralised offices comes at a cost of greater risk to their IT security. With workers on the go frequently tapping into public, unsecured hotspots with a wide variety of portable devices, keeping the network and those devices secure is a major challenge. At Pernod Ricard, we’ve seen these problems first hand. With already about 30 per cent of our nearly 19,000 employees working remotely, we’ve recently undertaken an initiative to expand this flexible policy, offering more employees the opportunity to work from home. As a result, remote users are now about 40 per cent of our total workforce. As the number of remote machines grew, so did the stack of service desk requests. When those end-users needed IT support, it was often difficult for the service team to gather the necessary information to troublesho...