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San Antonio cybersecurity expert exposes vulnerabilities in camera systems

August 15, 2019 / Patty Santos

The cameras set up around your office or home could be making you vulnerable to being spied on by anyone around the world. A San Antonio cybersecurity expert Red Thomas says while most security systems have been improved there are always vulnerabilities in any closed security camera system. “Most webcams now come with secure protocols that kind of prevent that sort of thing from happening or they just don't respond to those sorts of a web crawl requests for more information,” Thomas said. When you access your security system through the website look for the "http" or "https" on the web address and make sure you look for the lock icon next to the website bar. If your website requires a password to have access to see your cameras then your system is likely secure. But if a hacker wants to hack into your system they can. “Frankly any security system is only as good as its weakest link which is usually the people,” he said. “And people ...