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Security Boffins Block 100K Malicious Sites in 10 Months

January 23, 2019 / Phil Muncaster

Hundreds of security researchers have come together in a global non-profit project, working to take down 100,000 malicious websites in just 10 months. Revealed on Monday, the stats are testament to the power of information sharing among the information security community and hosting providers, when they work together to fight a common foe, according to Abuse.ch. The non-profit’s URLhaus project saw 265 researchers work together to identify and submit 300 malware sites each day over the period. This makes it easier for hosters to spot and remediate any bad domains on their networks. “This is not an easy task, especially for large hosting providers that have tens of thousands of customers and hence a significant amount of hijacked websites in their network that are getting abused by cyber-criminals to distribute malware,” the non-profit explained.