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Security Market Gets Improved Next-Generation AI Image Sensor From SmartSens

July 27, 2020 / PR Newswire

SmartSens Technology today announced the SC500AI widescreen advanced image sensor, the latest product in the company's Advanced Imaging (AI) family. The majority of 5MP security camera sensors offer a 4:3 aspect ratio that is not optimized for the widescreen format of modern LCD displays. The SmartSens SC500AI addresses this shortcoming with 1620P 16:9 5MP video output in the same form factor. This next-generation sensor presents a marked improvement over previous designs — narrowing the gap between image output and natural human vision. SmartClarity Technology in the SC500AI increases the number of pixels by 20% compared to many 5MP products on the market—leveraging the full resolution of the sensor rather than cropping a 5MP 4:3 image down to 4MP to fit a 16:9 aspect ratio. This effectively reduces dark edges and distortion on both sides of the image due to uneven scaling while achieving a true 16:9 aspect ratio that includes an additional 10% of horizontal ...