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Security researchers discover iOS version of Exodus Android spyware

April 08, 2019 / Catalin Cimpanu

Security researchers have discovered the iOS counterpart of a dangerous Android spyware strain that was seen earlier this year on the official Google Play Store. The good news, according to security researchers from cyber-security firm Lookout, is that the iOS version is less sophisticated than the Android variant and has not yet been distributed via the official Apple App Store. EXODUS ANDROID VARIANT DISCOVERED LAST MONTH. The spyware is named Exodus and was developed by Italian app maker Connexxa, a known provider of surveillance tools to Italian authorities. Exodus came to light when last month security researchers from Security Without Borders found the spyware hidden inside an app uploaded on the Play Store, targeted at the customers of a local Italian internet service provider (ISP). They said the spyware was capable of rooting Android devices and possessed an advanced set of spying features that gave attackers full control of infected devices. Security Without Borders said it d...