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SessionGuardian Enterprise Reduces Work from Home Cyber-Security Threats for Businesses

September 21, 2020 / prnewswire

Remote work is a fact of life. COVID-19 restrictions increase #WFH security risks. SecureReview now offers SessionGuardian Enterprise, a cost-effective cybersecurity solution for small to medium enterprises. SessionGuardian Enterprise protects the last 18 inches of the internet by plugging into existing hosted virtual machine infrastructure. The biometric AI-powered solution integrates with AWS, Azure, Citrix, VMware, and other main line virtualization platforms at significant cost savings. In 2020, SecureReview rolled out SessionGuardian. It's groundbreaking end-point protection software for sensitive data. With SessionGuardian and Session Guardian Enterprise, only an authorized user can view the document. When the user looks away, the screen blurs. If someone looks over the user's shoulder, the screen blurs. If the user points a smartphone at the screen, it blurs. Screenshots and screen shares are blocked and disabled.