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Shred-it Helps Hoteliers Prevent Data Security Issues

March 18, 2019 / CORRIS LITTLE

Cyber breaches are a huge security concern for the hotel industry—but they’re not the only security concern. “The industry has seen its fair share of cybersecurity breaches over the last few years and while it is absolutely essential that hotels have their cybersecurity protections in place, they often forget about the more common threats—particularly around physical information security,” said Ann Nickolas, VP, national accounts at Shred-it, based here. Shred-it is a global information security and document destruction company that works with hotel brands to ensure that low-tech information security risks are mitigated through the secure destruction of confidential and sensitive paper documents and digital hardware. Among the services available to hotels are document destruction, hard-drive destruction, media destruction (for example, hotel keys or USB keys), on-demand paper shredding and specialty shredding. Shred-it also works with hotels to help implem...