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South African Utility Suffers Double Security Blow

February 07, 2019 / Phil Muncaster

South Africa’s largest electricity supplier has come under fire for apparently ignoring a serious leak of customer data. Eskom, which claims to transmit and distribute 95% of the electricity used in the country, was called out earlier this week on Twitter by a frustrated security researcher. “You don't respond to several disclosure emails, email from journalistic entities, or twitter DMs, but how about a public tweet?” said Devin Stokes. “This is going on for weeks here. You need to remove this data from the public view!” The leaked data appears to include customer details including account IDs, meter information and payment details. Only the last four digits of card numbers are visible, as are CVV numbers: certainly enough to launch convincing phishing attacks and follow-on fraud. Unfortunately for the energy giant, which also claims to provide 45% of the electricity used in Africa, it also appears to have been hit with a seemingly unrelated malware i...