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Stringent cybersecurity protocols needed to protect smart cities

June 26, 2019 / Rohma Sadaqat

Smart cities across the UAE will be generating data at an unprecedented level, and this will necessitate stringent cybersecurity protocols being in place to protect valuable data, experts said. Highlighting the recent launch of the 'UAE National Cybersecurity Strategy', which will create safe and resilient cyber infrastructure in the UAE, security experts spoke about the rise in cybercrime and what is being done to combat it. "The alarming increase in cyberattacks in recent years is a growing cause of concern among countries in the Middle East," said Amir Kanaan, managing director for the Meta region at Kaspersky. "Cybercrime can cause adverse impacts on the country, organisations and its citizens. The UAE's visionary National Cybersecurity Strategy will equip the country with the necessary tools needed to be prepared to fight against future cyberattacks. We are delighted that this five pillar strategy goes beyond fighting cybercrime and also extends towards ...