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Sydney Airport to establish cyber security centre

February 21, 2019 / Justin Hendry

Lifts defences to reduce threats. Sydney Airport is preparing to establish an around-the-clock cyber security operations centre to protect its systems and data holdings from the threat of cyber-attack. The new centre, which is expected to be up and running by April, is aimed at enhancing “cyber defence capabilities, the airport said in its latest annual report released today. It is part of a broader cyber defence program to reduce security threats against the critical piece of national infrastructure, and follows a refresh of airport’s cyber security strategy last year. “With the security threat landscape evolving rapidly, we have continued to focus on managing current and emerging cyber risks,” the airport said. “A refreshed information and cyber security 2020 strategy has been at the centre of our cyber programs to drive security governance, improved maturity levels, and stronger user awareness via security culture campaigns,”