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Symantec Advances Integrated Cyber Defense Platform

February 27, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

No one technology or vendor can protect an organization against all cyber-security risks. That's why Symantec has been pushing forward its vision of an Integrated Cyber Defense platform (ICD) in an effort to bring together multiple technologies with an integrated approach. On Feb. 27, Symantec announced a major set of advancements for ICD, with new capabilities to help organizations make sense of different technologies and threats in a unified manner. Among the technologies announced as part of ICD is a manager feature that provides visibility into threats, policies and incidents across an environment. The ICD Manager also benefits from the ICD Exchange which is a data exchange technology for sharing events and intelligence across Symantec and third-party systems. "ICD is a single platform that unifies cloud and on premise security," Art Gilliland, EVP and GM Enterprise Product at Symantec said during the ICD launch event. "ICD provides best of breed protection acros...