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Symantec's Email Fraud Protection Offering Combats BEC

February 20, 2019 / eWeek

Today’s topics include Symantec improving email security with fraud protection, and Azure maps getting new SDKs, services and expanded features. On Feb. 14, Symantec announced its Email Fraud Protection offering to help organizations combat Business Email Compromise, which involves attackers spoofing or gaining access to an email system and tricking a victim into paying what appears to look like a legitimate invoice or payment request. According to Jane Wong, vice president of Engineering & Product Management at Symantec, the new Email Fraud Protection offering works together with other services already available in the Symantec product portfolio. Symantec Email Fraud Protection is a cloud-based service that is available as an add-on to both the Symantec Email Security cloud and Symantec Messaging Gateway. To deploy Email Fraud Protection, Wong said customers only need to make a quick, one-time change to point a one-line DNS record to Symantec.