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Tackling cyber-attacks on industries, the Honeywell way

September 18, 2019 / FE Bureau

As cyber attacks on businesses continue to grow and tend to outsmart the security structures put in place, there is an increased demand for more innovative solutions to ward off potential threats to firms’ critical infrastructure from such depredations. India, as one of the fast-growing major economies, is emerging as a key market for firms providing state-of-the-art and customised solutions to the sticky issue of non-existent/inadequate cybersecurity solutions at the disposal of utility and industrial companies. A string of firms has identified this market and among them is Honeywell International Inc, the American multinational conglomerate that straddles a variety of sectors, ranging from commercial and consumer products to engineering services and aerospace systems. Having invested in creating nine cybersecurity Centres of Excellence globally, the firm is well-equipped to design proprietary cybersecurity R&D as well in testing & certification and training & collab...