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Tetrate Emerges With Enterprise Service Mesh Platform

March 13, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

Tetrate officially launched on March 13, announcing its enterprise service mesh platform that is built on top of the open-source Istio and Envoy projects. The concept of a service mesh has been an emerging trend over the past year as an approach that enables networking connectivity and security policies to be managed and deployed in a fabric that can span multicloud environments. Among the leading proponents of the service mesh idea has been the open-source Istio project, whose co-founder Varun Talwar is now leading Tetrate as CEO. "At Tetrate, we are building a next-generation networking product that is more secure, flexible and ranges from the ingress to the workload to a running service," Talwar told eWEEK. "It's all built using Envoy and Istio as components, and we are enabling our platform not just for Kubernetes and containers, but also for virtual machines [VMs] and bare metal for both on-premises and cloud deployment." The open-source Envoy project is pa...