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Third-party risks and phishing attacks are top of businesses concerns

April 29, 2019 / Sead Fadilpasic

Business leaders in the UK and the US are struggling to find the balance between cost and security, often making trades between business demands and security. This is according to a new report by Glasswall Solutions which says that almost three quarters (71 per cent) of respondents consider that third-party risks are a cause for some serious concern. These include interactions from supply chains and partners, such as emails with malicious attachments or shady and dangerous links. Almost half of respondents believe employees are still very susceptible to phishing, given that they often engage in risky behaviour. Roughly the same amount of business owners still rely heavily on employees for cyberdefence. Access to unlocked devices, poor password hygiene and BYOD are perceived as ‘worrisome’ behaviour. The network perimeter is seen as the first line of defence, and the place where the majority of security investments should go. Less than one in ten are confident in their cyber...