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UK Public: Drones Are National Security Risk

January 24, 2019 / Phil Muncaster

The British public is dead-set against the use of drones, with the vast majority believing that as they continue to represent a national security risk and that cyber experts must do more to mitigate the threat from above. Think tank Parliament Street polled 2000 members of the public to compile its latest report, Drones 4 U. It appears as if recent incidents at two London airports has had a major impact on the public perception of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Three-quarters (75%) believe them to be a national security threat, with only 2% disagreeing, according to the report. Over a third (38%) said they want to see drones banned altogether, but a larger number (83%) backed a mandatory licensing system for owners similar to firearm regulations. The vast majority (83%) of those surveyed also believe the UK is failing to keep up with the threat of developments in drone technology, and a similar number (84%) want cyber experts to do more to help during serious incidents.