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Understanding the Zeros Beyond Zero Trust

November 26, 2019 / Sue Poremba

Zero trust is a popular cybersecurity model, so much so that speakers at OpenText’s Enfuse 2019 conference said we are now living in a zero trust world. However, while zero trust is the umbrella, there are a lot of other zeros out there that must be managed to give organizations a more complete and robust level of protection. For example, some of the zeros that we have to be thinking about include. Not too long ago, companies put their money in a vault at the end of the workday and didn’t worry about it again until the next morning, said Jason Sachowski, global head for cyber and security investigations at Scotiabank, one of the speakers at the recent conference. That’s impossible today in our internet-connected world. Data is now a company’s most valuable asset, and a company can’t simply turn off the computer and forget about it at the end of the day. Rather, security and protection are a 24/7/365 responsibility.