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Vectra Announces New Advisory and Operational Cybersecurity Services, Accelerates AI-powered Network Detection and Response

July 22, 2020 / PR Newswire

Vectra®, the leader in network threat detection and response (NDR), today announced a range of new advisory and operational cybersecurity services that enable enterprises to increase security operations efficiency and significantly reduce the risk of data breaches. Organizations that deploy the flagship Cognito® NDR platform from Vectra will be able to dramatically improve their incident response performance by leveraging years of professional cybersecurity expertise in AI and security operations across hundreds of global organizations. Since the inception of Vectra, AI has been at the core of its expertise in building, deploying and supporting the functionality and advantages of NDR for the global enterprise. "Utilizing AI to address the current skills and resources gap is still a relatively new practice and much of the world is shifting operations to the cloud," said Jennifer Wang, vice president of customer success at Vectra. "We bring an experi...