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Vulnerability Management: Reducing the Remediation Gap

August 01, 2019 / News Team

It’s maddening. Security professionals are often fully aware of the vulnerabilities that lead to breaches in their systems. The challenge is remediation. It’s hard, sometimes impossible, for security teams and their partners in IT operations to keep up. Reducing the remediation gap is critical for achieving a strong security posture. Automation offers a way forward. Overview – How hackers target known, but un-remediated vulnerabilities. Imagine the following, unfortunately, familiar scenario. A hacker takes over one of your endpoints, a Linux-based server. The attack results in a loss of data and a long, complicated incident response process. The post-incident investigation reveals the Linux server had not been patched for a known vulnerability. This is extremely common. Industry research estimates vary, but it’s believed that more than three in four cyberattacks target systems with known—but unpatched—vulnerabilities.