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Why CISOs Believe Capabilities of Attackers are Outpacing their Ability to Defend

August 22, 2019 / Security Magazine

A new report reveals how CISOs are shifting priorities and security strategies to manage increasingly advanced threats with limited resources. The Forbes Insight report found that 84 percent of CISOs believe the risks of cyber attacks will increase and almost a quarter believe the capabilities of attackers are outpacing their ability to defend their organization. This issue is compounded with limited resources, it said, including lack of sufficient budget and skilled professionals as well as a threat attack surface that is quickly expanding and becoming more sophisticated. Because of this, it said, security leaders understand it is critical to have the right strategies in place as they face an arms race between the capabilities of attackers and their own defense postures. CISOs are increasingly implementing AI technologies to cybersecurity. Forty-eight percent of security leaders are focused on seamlessly integrating security into their network operations and 45 percent are shifting an...