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Why Enterprises Need to Crack Down on Lazy Logins

January 17, 2019 / Wayne Rash

Everybody does it. You do it. It’s the easy way out, but it’s also an easy way to a security blunder. The “it” in this case is using your email address as your user name for websites and other places where a login is necessary. Chances are you use one of a couple email addresses for most things. If I had to guess, you use your personal email address for nearly everything that requires an email address as user name, except for a few where you use your work email address. But as was clearly evident when the contents of the Collection #1 breach were revealed by security researcher Troy Hunt, your email address is known to cyber thieves everywhere. This means that the only thing standing between you and being hacked is a password, and chances are that you’ve already used your passwords more than once, and that means that you’re ripe for an attack. How ripe? Hunt, who runs the security website Have I Been Pwned, said that this latest breach contains nearl...