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Why HP Has Taken the PC Security Lead

April 18, 2019 / Rob Enderle

Hewlett-Packard Inc. has the world's leading security feature for personal computers at the moment. That was my conclusion based on this week’s announcement from the Innovation Summit in Barcelona (I was there) of updates to its market-leading Sure View and the announcement of Sure Sense. What makes HPI different from its peers is that it is not only nearly a pure-play PC vendor (their other major line is printers), they also sell to both consumer and commercial companies at scale. The competitors in their class are either far more diverse than they are or are mostly just consumer focused. HPI also has taken something we all should know: That consumers and business users are the same people; the company has put it into a strategy called One Life. This has allowed it to blend elements that are typically focused on consumers, such as Apple-like designs, with features that normally target only corporate users—such as security—across their lines, so you don’t ha...