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Why user identity is becoming the new security perimeter

May 30, 2019 / Neville Armstrong

Digitalisation has many advantages, from increasing productivity to improving accessibility. However, every technology has its downside, and with digitalisation this comes in the form of increased organisational risk. So while we all benefit from being able to access networks from any location via a greater range of endpoint devices, and from using collaboration software, implementing agile working etc., by doing so we potentially increase the number of data egress points from our organisation’s network. All of this results in a significantly increased attack surface which those with malicious intent can target, and it enables them to utilise a much higher range of threat vectors. First and foremost this is a business risk, not simply an IT risk. Every organisation needs to understand its position on risk and define this in policy – which requires a full understanding of assets, threats and vulnerabilities. The organisation needs to invest in the right level of resistive st...