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Wipro hacked, internal systems used to attack customers: report

April 15, 2019 / Juha Saarinen

Wipro is currently investigating what appears to be a serious breach of its networks and systems, which are apparently being used to launch attacks on customers, forcing the outsourcing giant to build a private email service to replace compromised corporate system. First reported by United States security expert and publisher Brian Krebs, who cited two trusted but anynomous sources, the attack on Wipro is being viewed as a state-sponsored excercise. The sources told Krebs that Wipro systems are being used as launchpads for attacks on the outsourcer's customers. Wipro customers under attack traced suspicious traffic back to partner systems communicating directly with the outsourcer's corporate network. At least eleven companies have been attacked, forensic evidence shows, but it is not known which ones. A company spokesperson told Krebs that Wipro has robust internal processes and a system of advanced security technology in place to detect and protect against phishing attempts a...