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World Backup Day 2019 – Experts share their views on why 2019 is an important year for backup

March 29, 2019 / IT experts

World Backup Day is a chance for organisations to pause and take stock of their data handling, and ensure they are following best practice. The day has been celebrated since 2011 to help raise awareness of the sheer impact data loss can have on organisations and people. The causes of these incidents are near endless, including hardware or system failure, human error, a malicious insider or a cyberattack. A variety of IT experts have come together for ITProPortal to give their views on how what best practices businesses need to undertake to look after their data. Rob Strechay, Senior Vice President of Product at Zerto, on the importance of not settling. “In 2011, World Backup Day began to remind us of the importance of having a copy of our information. And while the significance of this day has only grown in the years since it was first celebrated, backup technology has barely began to evolve. From tape, to hard drive and now cloud, which is really tape in many cases, the target a...

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