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Xactly Unveils AI-powered Solution to Deliver Real-Time Data-Driven Insights for Sales

June 13, 2019 /

Xactly, the leading innovator of cloud-based sales performance management (SPM) software, today announced a major enhancement of the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across its core Sales Resource Planning & Capacity Management solution. This announcement follows the release of Xactly’s Rep Attrition prediction solution, and is the result of the company’s commitment to enhancing AI capabilities across its SPM platform.  Demonstrating the power of the company’s deep dataset curated over 14 years, Xactly is using AI to answer some of the most pressing challenges the industry faces about pay structure, optimization, and planning. Xactly relies on user-defined historical data to illuminate organizational patterns in sales, bookings and employee attrition, giving sales leaders precise insight into the ebb and flow of their sales activities and workforce. The product’s new capabilities predict factors that affect seasonality, such as ...