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Your smartphones are getting more valuable for hackers

March 08, 2018 / ALFRED NG

Security researchers are seeing a shift where attackers would much rather hit your smartphones than your computers. Your smartphone probably knows more about you than you do. It knows where you are at all times. It knows every person you talk to, and what you've said to them. It has your family photos, your pet's pictures, your passwords and more. For attackers, it's a digital passport to access everything they would need to know about a person. And that's why attacks on smartphones are on the rise, security researchers said. At the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit in Mexico, Andrew Blaich, a researcher from mobile security company Lookout, and Eva Galperin, the cybersecurity director from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, presented their findings about Dark Caracal, a global malware campaign targeting mobile devices that's infected thousands of people in more than 20 countries.