2015 Information Security Trends: What's Next?

In this webinar we will examine what information security and threat analysts can expect in 2015. Topics will include using threat intelligence before and after data breaches, information sharing, the Internet of Things, and the role of the CISO
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The risks are different. Only a few years ago, predictions stated that smartphones and tablets had little vulnerability to malware and hacking. But in the one-year period ending March 2013, malware aimed at mobile platforms grew 614 percent, nearly 450 percent faster than a year earlier. The pervasi


Automating Cybersecurity Functions in Your Enterprise: A Dark Reading Webcast


Organizations face tremendous challenges when trying to keep pace with the volume of cyber incidents they are seeing today. Information security leaders are looking to the benefits of security orchestration and automation to relieve the strain on their incident response teams. While the promise of orchestration is great, achieving success requires great care in choosing which processes and investigative actions to automate.

"The Definitive Webinar: Cloud Access Security Brokers"

"Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) are one of the hottest new security technologies on the market. Recommended by Gartner, they provide visibility and control in a new IT world now based in public cloud applications and corporate data being accessed by employee BYOD devices."

Tenable 2016 Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card: Key Insights and Takeaways - AMER

Using the right critical security metrics can help security leaders better analyze security program effectiveness, identify gaps, and communicate more effectively in ways that drive action.The inaugural Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card, created by Tenable in partnership with the CyberEdge Group, is based on an analysis of 504 survey responses from enterprise IT security professionals in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Covering a wide range of issues related to enterprise IT security risk assessment and security assurance, this report helps you benchmark your organization’s security practices with those of your peers.This webinar will offer insights that address questions such as:How do you know if you’re accurately measuring the effectiveness of your security investments?Do you have the data and tools you need to accurately convey security risks to your company’s executive team and board of directors?How well do your company’s executives and board truly understand the cyber security risks your company is facing?How optimistic should you really be about your organization’s ability to defend itself against cyberattacks?How do your challenges compare with those of your peers?

Automotive Transformation on the Data Superhighway

"Join Grant Bodley for a webinar on Automotive Transformation on the Information Superhighway. Grant is GM of Global Manufacturing Industry Solutions at Hortonworks and will explain: ​ Forces transforming the automotive industry Disruptive innovation driven by Big Data and the Connected Car Open Enterprise Hadoop and the Information Superhighway, and How automakers are using new data insights to transform their business"