2016 Top Trends in Encryption and Data Protection

Not surprisingly, companies are continuing to increase their use of encryption and other data protection techniques in response to data breaches and cyber attacks. But some of the other top deployment reasons – and techniques being used -- may surprise you.  Join Larry Ponemon and John Grimm to learn about some of the top findings in this year’s Global Encryption Trends Study, including: Variation in encryption and key management trends across multiple vertical industries.
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Threat actors conceal their attacks in SSL traffic to evade corporate defenses. Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform provides ironclad protection against cyberattacks, while eliminating blind spots introduced by encrypted traffic. Magnifier behavioral analytics, a cloud-based app for the A


Insider threats - How to fight vulnerability from within the company

Recent studies have shown that 50-70% of all attacks on information security are coming from within the organization, and often the length of time that the breach existed is unknown. There are many issues involved in closing the gaps that cause such insider incidents and strengthen the protection of data. Using the "need to know" principal, organizations can limit who has access to data. Controls that adjust given access rights to actual needs exist and should be utilized. This session will focus on how to adjust data access rights, implementing the "least privilege principal", and the use of detective and proactive risk-oriented controls.

2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report – Insights and Takeaways with Report Co-Author, Steve Piper


How does your security effectiveness compare?With the release of the 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report from CyberEdge Group, Tenable will host a webinar with the report’s co-author, CyberEdge Group co-founder and CEO, Steve Piper to take a closer look at challenges, emerging trends and opportunities for enhancing security effectiveness highlighted in the report.Compare your security metrics with those of your peers.Bring your questions and join us a 2pm ET on March 25 for the live webinar.The 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report will be available March 11, 2015. Everyone registering for the webinar will get the rThis year’s Cyberthreat Defense Report is based on an analysis of 814 survey responses from your peer North American and European IT security professionals. Covering a wide range of issues, the report provides deep insight into how infosec professionals perceive cyberthreats and what they’re doing to defend against them.eport.

GDPR challenges for the healthcare sector and the practical steps to compliance

IT Governance Ltd

With growing cyber threats facing the NHS and other healthcare organisations, and the UK government promising patients secure healthcare services, addressing cyber security must be a priority for all organisations handling patient records and sensitive data. To keep pace with the digital landscape and address the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements, IT Governance presents a webinar designed to help healthcare providers comply with the Regulation.

Panel: Leveraging Security Analytics in the Fight Against Cyber-Threats

"Join this exciting panel session with some of the industry's leading thought leaders including: Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies Prof. John Walker, Researcher, Feature Writer for SC Magazine UK & International SpeakerJames Brown, Director of Cloud Computing and Solution Architecture at Alert LogicBernd Jaeger, Co-Chair to the Telecom Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance The panelists will discuss topics ranging from predictive security, real-time threat intelligence, combining structured and unstructured data sources and more"