2018 Cyber Security Predictions for an Unpredictable World

It’s right before the holidays, so might be a great time to shift gears and join an interesting and lively discussion about what 2018 may hold in store when it comes to cyber security predictions. Will Twitter and Facebook continue to be compromised by trolls aiming to fan the flames of discord? Will API security rule the day? Are U.S. companies doing business in EMEA ready for GDPR? Will IT and/or security teams stay on top of patching software, or will there be more breach headlines as a result of unpatched vulnerabilities? Will DevSecOps really take hold to make friends and collaborators of development and security teams.
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Most organisations are familiar with the principle of distributing IT systems to minimise IT service failures. Surprisingly, fewer organisations give adequate thought to maximising the availability of their most valuable asset, human resource! By distributing both, organisations can eliminate single


Operation SMN – Disruption of “Axiom” – A Prolific Chinese Cyber Espionage Group


On October 28th, on behalf of the Operation SMN Coalition, Novetta published the full technical and behavioral reporting associated with Operation SMN. The latest reports explore the structure, potential motivations, and tactics of the Axiom threat actor.

Next-Generation Security for Amazon Web Services

Public cloud computing resources such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) are helping organizations like yours develop and deploy new applications rapidly; expand into geographic regions seamlessly and extend competitive advantages. Cyber criminals are well aware of the rapid expansion into the public cloud and are looking for weaknesses in your security posture. Don’t let them find one. The VM-Series for AWS, allows you to securely extend your corporate datacenter into AWS, using our next-generation firewall and advanced features to protect your data while native management features ensures policies keep pace with the changing to your applications

Catch me if you can: The Hunt for Hidden Botnets

"Botnet sophistication is increasing at an astonishing speed. Malicious actors continually use new resources and develop new methods for attacking organisations for a myriad of reasons but with a simple purpose; to look for vulnerabilities in the whole operating environment and compromise an organisation’s security. It is estimated that about 16% to 25% of Internet traffic in the world comes from communication between various types of malware. Without an adaptive security approach it becomes challenging for any organisation to process and analyse the sheer volume of data being generated, which is why a different approach is critical. It should involve identifying botnet activity using new methods, leveraged on automation and machine learning techniques, which are best suited to help tackle this challenge. Join João Gouveia, CTO of AnubisNetworks for a discussion focused on the most common botnet evasion techniques and how to fight them. This webinar will highlight Cyberfeed’s (AnubisNetworks threat intelligence solution) capabilities, to present a cutting edge approach on botnet activity identification, related traffic and risk level."

How to Implement User-based Controls for Cybersecurity

Next-Generation Firewall

Visibility and policy control based on users is critical for cybersecurity. User-based policies readily show their business relevance, are more secure, easier to manage, and allow better forensics. In this webinar you will: Learn the value of user-based controls using real-life data breach examples Discover a step-by-step approach for implementing User-IDTM on your Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall.