2018 Cybersecurity Headlines in Review

2018 was a particularly busy year for the cybersecurity industry… Beyond the exponential growth in the number and types of cyber-attacks—including Magecart, which compromised the payment processing systems for a number of large companies—hundreds of new cybersecurity startups were formed, GDPR came to pass, and the impacts of Big Data processing on social networks exploded. During this webinar, Michael Hill and Dan Raywood of Infosecurity Magazine (including a few guest speakers) review the trends of 2018, the impact of those cybersecurity trends, and predictions for 2019. In the 2018 Cybersecurity Headlines in Review webinar, we’ll explore: Cybersecurity headlines in 2018 and what trends were most publicized.
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Solicita una demostración en vivo de Dynamics 365 Finance

Programa un tutorial individual en vivo para saber cómo Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance puede ayudar a todo el personal de tu organización a tomar decisiones inteligentes que mejoren los procesos e impulsen el crecimiento. En esta demostración personalizada, verás cómo Dynamics 365 te ofrece las herramientas para: Mejorar tu rend
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Anatomy of Container Attack Vectors and Mitigations

Data breach

Container adoption is skyrocketing, and so are concerns around securing container-based applications. While the market is still in its early phase of embracing this technology, lessons learned from securing Fortune 500 enterprise deployments against simple and sophisticated attacks alike are showing the path forward. Join us on an investigative journey as we explore popular attack vectors that have been used to breach container-based environments, provide best practices and tools to mitigate them, and discuss associated business risks.
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Through the Hacker’s Eyes: Detecting Attacks on Fully Patched Windows Machines


To successfully stop hackers, you need to understand them; how their minds work, what their goals are, and which techniques they use to break through your defenses. In this special edition of QRadar’s Under the Radar technical demo series, NA Security Architect and QRadar expert Jose Bravo will demonstrate first hand the sophisticated ways in which hackers today compromise Windows systems, even when they are fully patched and have antivirus deployments. He will then walk through how QRadar is able to detect these SIE technology-evading attacks, keeping your most vital data safe from unwanted eyes.
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Accelerating Digitalization: Cyber Security

This second of TOC Digital’s ‘Accelerating Digitalization’ webinar series in association with maritime street, took place on 15th July 2020. Providing insights from an expert panel including Gadi Bensmonshe, CIO of Israel Port Company, Dr. Carmit Yadin, CEO & Co-Founder of Arcusteam, Roi Mit, Chief Marketing Officer of Regulus Cyber and Pascal Ollivier, President of maritime street, viewers learned the various implications to consider when formulating a comprehensive strategy to reduce immediate cyber threats, and what the overall picture looked like for the wider industry.
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