2018 Threat Report and Top Malware


If there’s one thing that came through loud and clear in Webroot’s analysis of malware and other threats in 2017, it’s that, when it comes to cybersecurity, change is the only constant. While analysts, researchers, and security companies worked quickly to identify and block emerging threats, attackers were just as quick in finding new ways to evade defenses. Join this Channel Futures webinar to learn more about the discoveries and analysis of threat activity throughout 2017, the top malware of 2017 and how to be better equipped to overcome modern cybercrime in 2018.
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If truth be told, phishing has been one of the oldest and most effective tools for cyber criminals. Phishing scams are known to have started around the year 1995 and they have only grown fiercer and sneakier with time. While we are not deep-diving into this topic today, we have a simple infographic for our readers, that skims off the most basic characteristics of a phishing attack.


Cryptocurrency Fraud and Blockchain Forensic Analysis

Bank information security

When a total of $580 Million left two Cryptocurrency exchanges after a sophisticated compromise, LIFARS team was engaged in an investigation that involved FBI, US Secret Service, Europol, DHS, IRS and DOJ. This session will take you exclusively inside that investigation and discuss: Cryptocurrency fraud schemes, including real stories from the trenches; AML issues with bankers, hidden assets, payments by drug lords and ransomware; Blockchains role in tracking the transactions - and its limits.
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Controls are the Key to Cybersecurity Management Success

Controls are the critical foundation of an effective enterprise cybersecurity program. With more threats, more systems to protect, more tools to deploy and more people to manage, there is constant pressure to move faster and keep up with the ever-changing risk landscape. As a result, there is a need for the organization to have the proper controls in place to manage cybersecurity threats and risks across applications, systems, facilities and third parties.
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Security Operations Automation

Security organizations are overworked and constrained. As more systems and users come online, it becomes more difficult to manage alerts and administer access to sometimes hundreds of applications for thousands of employees.
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Building Blocks for Your IT Security Program

AT&T Cybersecurity

Implementing effective asset discovery and vulnerability assessment are two of the most important first steps in improving IT security. Before you can protect your environment, you need to understand what assets you have across your cloud and on-premises environments, and be able to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.
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