3 Challenges of Threat Hunting Using Endpoint Detection (EDR) Tools

In this webinar, we compare Forensic State Analysis (FSA) cyber threat hunting against three traditional methods of cyber threat hunting… Expert threat hunter Chris Gerritz looks at the pitfalls of relying on Endpoint Detection (EDR) software as a substitute for proactive threat hunting, and examine some of the common misconceptions. He will also show how FSA arms security practitioners with an effective and efficient methodology to hunt without relying solely on sophisticated security infrastructure, big data or experts.
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Exciting Updates for Threat Response Cloud and TRAP 5.8

As security products move more into the cloud, Proofpoint continues to strengthen our Threat Response Auto-Pull solution. Join us for this customer session to learn about new features available to you, including our new audit-logging, internal incident response, and enhanced visualizations in Threat Response Cloud. We also have exciting new updates for TRAP 5.8 on-prem.
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How to Remain Secure, Protect Data, and Stay Compliant in the Face of End of Life Operating Systems

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The ever-changing threat landscape continues to challenge businesses who attempt to protect critical data, improve security posture, and remain compliant. That challenge is intensified when adding the constant risk of operating systems going end of life and pushing endpoints out of compliance against many modern data security laws, regulations, and compliance policies. The risk is too great and businesses can no longer afford to take a passive stance when it comes to maintaining system endpoints and ensuring that vulnerabilities are in check.
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Beyond ChatGPT, Building Security Applications using OpenAI API

ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI in November 2022. Since then, it has been the subject of many discussions. ChatGPT itself is one application that was built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 models. We can programmatically interact with these models via OpenAI API. In this talk, we will go beyond ChatGPT and discuss OpenAI API, fine-tuning our own models for specific tasks, and building security applications on top of them. We will be building a sample application that interprets human requests and performs the basic tasks requested.
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Threat Management & OT Threat Response using MITRE

The growing threat landscape for operational technology (OT) networks, exemplified by a number of recent ransomware attacks, has prompted critical infrastructure organizations to better prepare themselves for impactful cyber incidents. To do this, stakeholders responsible for critical infrastructure and services are maturing their security operations centers (SOCs) and increasing their use of cyber threat intelligence (CTI). Many now consider adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to be their most valuable CTI tool.
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