3 Challenges of Threat Hunting Using Endpoint Detection (EDR) Tools

In this webinar, we compare Forensic State Analysis (FSA) cyber threat hunting against three traditional methods of cyber threat hunting… Expert threat hunter Chris Gerritz looks at the pitfalls of relying on Endpoint Detection (EDR) software as a substitute for proactive threat hunting, and examine some of the common misconceptions. He will also show how FSA arms security practitioners with an effective and efficient methodology to hunt without relying solely on sophisticated security infrastructure, big data or experts.
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Beyond Prevention: Enhance Your Approach to Cybersecurity

In this webinar, presented in partnership with IDG, hear why mere threat prevention is no longer enough to combat today’s sophisticated threat actors. Our expert speakers will discuss the cycle your business should follow, including every step listed above—and how to evolve your cybersecurity to stay ahead of the adversary.
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Answers To Hard Security Questions For Executives, By Executives

Knowing about cybersecurity risks is half the battle - get the hard facts from these executives who successfully met the challenge of the US Cyber Command. Hear from these cyber security former military leaders and see how they achieved answers to the hardest questions by the world’s most relied-upon forces.
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When it comes to securing information systems from breaches, the best medicine is a dose of prevention. In this complimentary webinar, panelists discuss top security threats and trends, business impacts, and the components of an effective, preventive cyber security program. The webinar addressed the following objectives: Evaluate top trends impacting information security. Describe how organizations can work smarter to enhance cybersecurity programs, despite resource and financial constraints. Evaluate effective cybersecurity measures and policies. Describe considerations and resources for educating employees.
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Managing Threat Detection and Response for Securing AWS

Alert Logic

Security tools alone are not enough as your AWS environment becomes more complex, and the need for comprehensive security – including people, process, and technology – becomes apparent. Cyber threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication, so where do you start when incorporating advanced threat detection and response capabilities into your security strategy? Start here with Ryan Holland, Senior Director, Technology Services Group at Alert Logic and Orlando Scott-Cowley, Principal Evangelist at AWS as they list the top considerations to better protect your AWS workloads and applications.
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