5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security


On Thursday 7th March at 1pm we'll be collaborating with NCSC for a second time to explore the 5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security. The first webinar of this series focused on the threats charities face from cyber attacks and the effect this could have on their organisation. In this session, we’ll look at the simple, free or low cost steps every charity should be taking to protect themselves online.
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Risk-Based Authorization solves two challenges: it allows users to gain access from anywhere and ensures that access is secure. Find out how to frustrate attackers, not users with RBA in this guide


Accelerating Digitalization: Cyber Security

This second of TOC Digital’s ‘Accelerating Digitalization’ webinar series in association with maritime street, took place on 15th July 2020. Providing insights from an expert panel including Gadi Bensmonshe, CIO of Israel Port Company, Dr. Carmit Yadin, CEO & Co-Founder of Arcusteam, Roi Mit, Chief Marketing Officer of Regulus Cyber and Pascal Ollivier, President of maritime street, viewers learned the various implications to consider when formulating a comprehensive strategy to reduce immediate cyber threats, and what the overall picture looked like for the wider industry.
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Solicita una demostración en vivo de Dynamics 365 Finance

Programa un tutorial individual en vivo para saber cómo Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance puede ayudar a todo el personal de tu organización a tomar decisiones inteligentes que mejoren los procesos e impulsen el crecimiento. En esta demostración personalizada, verás cómo Dynamics 365 te ofrece las herramientas para: Mejorar tu rend
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Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap Between Physical Security and IT / IoT

Dell EMC

On Monday, Dec. 11, as part of the SIA Webinar series, a webinar titled Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap between Physical Security and IT/IoT covered best practices from edge to core hardening, bridging cyberprotection techniques, and technologies that help unify disparate technologies into a common cybersecurity framework. Speakers Vince Ricco (Axis Communications) and Ken Mills (Dell EMC) discussed how successful practitioners are hardening the physical security edge, enabling the authentication of devices systemwide and utilizing IT and IoT methodology to secure the enterprise.
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What Salesforce Customers Need to Know About China’s Data Security Law

On September 1st of this year, China’s Data Security Law went into effect, including strict guidelines on data residency. Combined with the existing Cybersecurity law and the PIPL regulation to come into effect on November 1st, this creates new requirements for data storage and processing. Companies that do business in China may need to keep some data in China only. This has significant implications for global companies that rely on Salesforce.
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