5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security

On Thursday 7th March at 1pm we'll be collaborating with NCSC for a second time to explore the 5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security. The first webinar of this series focused on the threats charities face from cyber attacks and the effect this could have on their organisation. In this session, we’ll look at the simple, free or low cost steps every charity should be taking to protect themselves online.
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Overcoming Cloud & Security Challenges


74% of Healthcare organizations report leveraging the Cloud to achieve financial savings and operational efficiencies. However, recent findings show over 60% of these organizations are experiencing Cloud adoption challenges and Security anxiety. It is essential for Healthcare organizations to overcome these challenges as there is a much larger digital transformational trend ahead, where Cloud will become a crucial component of patient care innovation. Join Healthcare IT veterans from Microsoft & Synoptek, as they discuss the future of Cloud for Healthcare and best practices to help you overcome Cloud challenges and achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, security, and HIPAA compliance in the Cloud.
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What is a Secure Software Development Framework?Enable Ginger

Application security is more than penetration testing. Organizations face a dilemma. Commercially, there is increasing pressure to shorten software release cycles, which in turn adds strain on software developers to produce faster release cycles. This in turn creates an environment where speedy release cycles take priority over
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Definitive Guide to Endpoint Security

When it comes to cyber security, one thing is clear: the most potent threat vectors into any organization are its endpoints. Your endpoints represent fertile ground for attacks because their users, applications, and services often have elevated privileges that give cyber criminals an easy on-ramp to the inner workings and data within your organization.
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The evolving cyber security threat: Introduction to Cryptomining


Webinar: The evolving cyber security threat: Introduction to Cryptomining. In this webinar we explore the current threat landscape affecting industry technology and how we recommend and can assist you in guarding against it.
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