5 Vital Signs for Healthy Cloud Security

As business continues to leverage cloud infrastructure services learn what key vital signs security professionals should use to determine the overall security wellness of cloud workloads. Hear about the trends that may change the mindset of what is good security hygiene when forced to support multi-cloud environments.
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The Zero Trust model acknowledges that Trust is a dangerous vulnerability that only benefits malicious actors who exploit the antiquated trust model. Therefore, Zero Trust eliminates the idea of a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network. Instead, all traffic and users are treated as untrusted. All resources ar


5 Steps to Prevent Identity-based Attacks

"Identity-based attacks are a growing risk for all organsations. As security teams harden the corporate perimeter, hackers and criminals are looking for the weak spots – and that weak spot is all too often human. Using malware, phishing and social engineering is a common way of overcoming even the strongest defences, as well-intentioned insiders become the unwitting helpers of the attacker."

CISO Agenda 2015: Adding Value to a Security Program with Application Security


The business case presented to internal stakeholders can make or break your security program.Understand why successful application security programs focus on changing development culture.How to leverage the model that one company used to demonstrate the 192 percent ROI achieved by their application security program.How to educate, rather than defend, on your ROI model with stories of culture change that drive the numbers.The path of least resistance for cyber-criminals is to attack well-known vulnerabilities in enterprise-developed applications.

Hacking Hospitals


Patient health is at grave risk in the current digital era, as sophisticated adversaries utilize technology to perform digital attacks that can result in physical harm. While Healthcare IT typically prioritizes protecting patient records (PHI), this omits the crucial overall healthcare mission of championing patient health against possible attacks against the healthcare digital ecosystem. This webinar will present and analyze real world attack scenarios against the healthcare ecosystem, the mindset of hackers, and the complexity of constraints facing health IT security.

WhiteHat Webinar: Leveraging Intel from Hackers to Mitigate Risks

WhiteHat Security

What can the IT security community learn from a ‘blackhat,’ who says he’s decided to go legit? While many IT security professionals shy away from listening to anything from the dark side, much can be learned from knowing your adversary and what makes them tick.Watch this webinar to learn insights into where your defense strategy might be at risk and what methods hackers are deploying to thwart current security measures. We also cover how this attack information is used to build defense strategies.