A 3 Step Approach to Increasing Enterprise Security By Inspecting SSL

"With online privacy concerns growing, along with a corresponding growth in “default encryption” by cloud-based applications and services, more and more enterprise traffic is going uninspected. Yet, at last check, Gartner Research indicated that “less than 20% of organizations with a firewall, an intrusion prevention system (IPS) or a unified threat management (UTM) appliance decrypt inbound or outbound SSL traffic.” And they declared that security leaders must address this risk.

This webcast will explore:
1) Why so few organizations currently inspect encrypted traffic
2) What makes it so critical to expand inspection to encompass it
3) How exactly to do it in a practical, real-world way"
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Technology has advanced sufficiently enough such that vulnerability management can be performed in near real-time at large scale. Because of this, outcome based security monitoring for large enterprises is now possible with “big data” types of analytics.


You’ve Been Breached. Now What?

"The headlines are full of stories of breach, and information security professionals are beginning to accept that security breaches are a ‘when?’, not an ‘if’. According to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Report, 50 percent of major companies have experienced malware attacks and, surprisingly, 17 percent of these companies didn’t even know they had been breached until it was too late. Most industry experts have declared perimeter defenses ineffective and are advocating that vendors build systems on the assumption that adversaries will get in. As large, high-profile organizations are hit time and time again with successful APT attacks, the pressure on security professionals is mounting and dealing with threats is overwhelming. The status quo is no longer acceptable and a new paradigm is needed to successfully defend the enterprise. This webinar explores why organizations need to consider the strengths of automated incident response and malware removal."

All About the Thousands of 2014 Vulnerabilities - From Secunia Research

"Every year, Secunia Research releases a review of the global vulnerability landscape, based on their large vulnerability database and data from the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) user base. The data in this research provides security professionals around the world with perspective on the impact and evolution of the threat landscape and what has trended throughout the year. In this webinar, Secunia’s Director of Research and Security Kasper Lindgaard will discuss the data presented in the Secunia Vulnerability Review 2015 and answer questions."

A Global View of the Cyber Security Threat Landscape


Nick Coleman is the Global Head of Cyber Security Intelligence Services at IBM. Previously he was National Reviewer of Security for the UK Government. He is an appointed advisor to the Executive Director of the EU Cyber Security Agency ENISA serving on the Permanent Stakeholders Group. He is an Honorary Professor at Lancaster University. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a Fellow of the British Computer Society. He also holds an MBA with Distinction.

Preventing Chaos: Start Orchestrating Resiliency

"How confident are you that your business will bounce back and be resilient in case of a major outage? This can be even more challenging today with dispersed data centers that are a mix of physical, virtual, and cloud based. Join Fernando as he explains how you can confidently meet IT business continuity compliance requirements, ensure business agility while maintaining existing IT investment, and predictably meet service level agreements (SLAs) at all times."