Achieving Improved Cybersecurity Posture Across IT & OT Infrastructures

Device Visibility has become the key to success for security practitioners when it comes to securing an increasingly more dispersed organisation with multiple data centres, distributed campuses and a mobile workforce. Now, smart devices are connecting previously separated IT and OT networks to automate business operations and boost efficiency introducing another layer of complexity. In this webinar, we will look at the concept of why device visibility poses such a challenge for business, what is getting in the way and why OT and IT convergence has added an extra consideration.
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Cybersecurity Outlook 2022

Join Omdia, Black Hat and Dark Reading at this free, all-day virtual event offering expert insight on the cyber-threats and trends enterprises will face in the coming year. On December 8, Cybersecurity Outlook 2022 will look at some of the new threats posed by online attackers, as well as evolving products and technologies that may mitigate those threats. You’ll hear from some of the cybersecurity industry’s top thinkers, as well as researchers who have been studying the next wave of cyber vulnerabilities and exploits.
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Top 10 Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Trends in 2021

ImmuniWeb is organizing an invitation-only series of webinars for customers and partners. The webinar will fully cover our “Top 10 Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Trends in 2021” predictions.
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Stage 2 – Protection: The second layer of your cyber defence-in-depth strategy

Protecting an organization from the increasing threat of cyber attacks can be challenging. Employees are a crucial line of defense, and ensuring they know their security responsibilities and how to spot a cyber attack is critical.
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Fine-Tuning ICS Threat Models to Prioritize Mitigations of the Most Vulnerable Devices


Of course, this cannot be further from the truth: ensuring security and safety of industrial control systems has always been the most important job for OT experts. However, after decades of dealing with unique technologies and regulations and with a traditionally strong focus on human and process safety, securing IT assets was by far not their top priority. As industrial networks are becoming increasingly complex, geographically dispersed and interconnected, however, both impact and probability of numerous cybersecurity risks are growing, and the biggest challenge for CISOs nowadays is no longer how to persuade OT people to take notice, but how to evaluate a vast number of potential threats and to prioritize the actions needed to protect their networks.
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