Active Directory Best Practices to Frustrate Attackers

Active Directory out of the box defaults aren’t enough to keep your network safe.  Here’s the word on the street about frustrating attackers in your Active Directory environment. It’s easy to make things hard.  But it’s not hard to make things easy. Spin that how you will, running Active Directory efficiently isn’t necessarily easy, but it certainly can be easy to make things hard for attackers in your environment.  Here are some baseline things you can do to make your Active Directory environment frustrating for attackers.  Attackers’ main resource is time, and if you can slow them down and frustrate them, you have a better chance of making attackers look for easier targets, or at least more time for your response team to identify and protect your assets.
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Ponemon Survey Report: Measuring & Managing the Cyber Risks to Business Operations


How does your experience compare with the findings from this Ponemon survey of 2410 infosec professionals? All information security professionals responsible for improving overall cybersecurity effectiveness are encouraged to attend this session.
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Tracking attackers. Why attribution matters and how to do it

Black Hills Information Security

In this BHIS webcast we cover some new techniques and tactics on how to track attackers via various honey tokens. We cover how to track with Word Web Bugs in ADHD, and cover the awesome toolkit from Thinkst. We also cover some of the legal ramifications involved in do this. I am covering this for a couple of reasons. First, there are a lot of companies who are selling cyber deception in the form of honeypots, which is cool – but not near enough for attribution. Also, it is time to start gearing up for Black Hat.
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Turning the Tables on Cryptojacking


It seems that criminal hackers are always a few steps ahead of everyone else and the recent onset of cryptojacking is a great example. In this webinar, independent information security consultant, professional speaker, and writer of Hacking For Dummies, Kevin Beaver, outlines what cryptomining and cryptojacking are and how they impact your business. He discusses strategies and tactics that you can use to ensure that your network and computer cycles are not used for someone else’s gains. From security policies and standards to endpoint controls to user training, this latest malware craze can be beaten but you must first understand it. Watch the replay and leave better prepared to address this threat.
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Mobile IoT – Are you Cybersecurity Ready?


The Mobile IoT market is set for rapid growth over the coming years and providers are concentrating more on rapid widescale deployment with security often being a later consideration. This is not a tenable position as IoT applications can be mission critical and security needs to be at the forefront of any solution. In this webinar, MEF Advisor Andrew Parkin-White is joined by two security experts: Ian Smith, IoT Security Lead at the GSMA and Stephen Fitzpatrick, VP IoT at Cellusys.
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