"Addressing Web Application Vulnerability with Integrated, Continuous Protection"

"Learn how Qualys can help you implement web application security throughout your systems development lifecycle (SDLC), so you can:

> Perform comprehensive, accurate scans — across all of development and deployment stages

> Block attacks — and control where and when your applications are accessed

> Prevent data breaches — and disclosure of sensitive information "
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According to Gartner, 38% of companies will stop issuing laptops to employees by 2016. Clearly, BYO for laptops - and tablets and smartphones too - is a trend that is picking up steam. However, the apprehension about the best way to implement BYO is also growing with concerns around corporate compli


"UBA Threat Models"


Varonis UBA threat models uncover security issues quickly, and give context around metadata and what’s actually happening on your file and email servers, SharePoint, and Active Directory.



"Modern digital businesses are exposed to attack across their networks, mobile deployments, web apps, and cloud data storehouses. What's more, this attack surface changes constantly as new employees, partners, contractors and technologies are deployed to meet the needs of your business. More than continually collecting data, you need ways to view it in the context of your business instantly, make informed decisions about what actions to take, and ensure you are improving your overall security posture - even as the threat landscape and your exposure to it evolves. Learn how Nexpose’s new Adaptive Security: Dynamically collects and analyzes security data Provides instant and comprehensive attack surface visibility and assessment Automatically discovers and assesses assets as they join your network Responds instantly to new vulnerabilities as they emerge Speakers: Nicki Doggart Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nexpose | Ryan Poppa, Director of Nexpose Product Management"

Defining Cyber threats: Understanding is the Key to Defense


Every day the media inundates its consumers with stories of cyber attacks, cyber threats and cyber warfare. Everyday people feel more and more helpless in large part because they don’t understand the threat or how it impacts them. This talk will break the cyber threat landscape into 4 categories and discuss in plain English how each threat works, the potential impact and some steps to mitigate those impacts.

Social Engineering: Is that a Pwn Plug in Your Pocket?

First Base Technologies

Most organisations are surprised by the ease with which social engineering defeats their security. The human factor provides a simple and effective route to bypass even the best hardware and software security controls, yet is commonly overlooked or considered too difficult to solve. Peter will share a number of real examples to reinforce his opinion: as more and more data breaches are published, perhaps it’s time to become creative and strengthen the human firewall.