After the Data Breach: Stolen Credentials

When usernames and passwords are compromised in a data breach, the consequences extend far beyond the victim organization due to rampant password reuse. For this reason, NIST recently recommended that organizations check users’ credentials against a set of known compromised passwords. However, by patroning dark web forums and paying for spilled credentials, enterprises indirectly support the criminal ecosystem. Furthermore, attackers often don’t publicly post stolen data until months or years after the breach, if at all. Is there a better way to follow NIST guidelines and protect users from account takeover? Join Justin Richer, co-author of NIST Digital Identity Guidelines 800-63B, and Gautam Agarwal, Shape's Senior Director of Product Management, for a lively discussion on NIST’s password recommendations and how best to prevent account takeover fraud at your organization.
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Security by Design—Full Life Cycle Container Security that Matches the Speed of DevOps

Trend Micro

Join Trend Micro’s Sr. Product Manager for Hybrid Cloud Security, Kyle Klassen, and Sr. Software Developer, Geoff Baskwill for our webinar: Security by Design—Full Life Cycle Container Security that Matches the Speed of DevOps. They will outline the key steps and tools that will help you artfully automate full life cycle container security, including useful APIs, image scanning and runtime protection to detect problems early and mitigate against attacks targeting your host, Docker®, and Kubernetes® platforms and containers.
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Knock, Knock! Who’s There. Finding Out Who’s Really on the Other End of that Password

As businesses settle into a hybrid world of on-prem, public cloud, private cloud infrastructure with security delivered as a service and all of this overlaid with the concept to Zero Trust, what is left? Companies will have the data they are trying to protect and the identity of the user trying to access something. As life on th
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Beyond Prevention: Enhance Your Approach to Cybersecurity

In this webinar, presented in partnership with IDG, hear why mere threat prevention is no longer enough to combat today’s sophisticated threat actors. Our expert speakers will discuss the cycle your business should follow, including every step listed above—and how to evolve your cybersecurity to stay ahead of the adversary.
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Social media and email phishing: How to protect financial information from fraudsters

Channel Futures

Email phishing remains a top security threat. Even smart and savvy people are fooled everyday by these malicious emails. They’re even harder to spot now that bad actors use information from social media to personalize their attacks against your customers and your business. In this webinar, Brian Wickenhauser, Mastercard’s Vice President of Security Events Management, will share examples of phishing attempts, how to spot them, ways to combat them and tips for improved safety – all important information to add to your security training programs.
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