"Anatomy of an Insider Threat: Protecting Active Directory Is Key"

"In this webcast, you’ll gain insights into the state of insider threats and security solutions to detect and prevent them. We’ll review the results of a comprehensive crowd-based survey on insider threats in cooperation with the 260,000+ members of the Security Community on LinkedIn. We’ll also discuss the critical importance of protecting Active Directory and its resources from insider threats and provide best practices toward that goal.

Holger Schulze, founder of the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, will review 5 key trends for insider threats, as well as the results of the 21-question survey of your IT security, compliance and admin peers, covering four main themes:

1. Insider threats and vulnerabilities
2. Threat detection
3. Security tools and processes
4. Recovery and remediation"
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Bad guys, outsiders and insiders alike, know that traditional security tools work on basic thresholds and understand repetitive attempts to steal sensitive data raises red flags. They keep their activity slow enough with low volume, exfiltrating small amounts of data over time, to stay under the rad


How to Survive the Top 10 CyberSecurity Risks of 2016


2016 looks like another challenging year for cybersecurity. Security threats are multiplying all over the globe and threaten to disrupt businesses, government, and individuals. Join our panel of cybersecurity experts as we discuss predictions for the Top 10 CyberSecurity Risks of 2016 and provide practical guidance on how to outmaneuver, outduel, and outlive. our adversaries.

Protecting Your Endpoint From Data Loss and Malware Attacks

Dell EMC

Learn how Dell EMC is helping customers protect endpoint data from data loss and attacks through using the Mozy backup solution. Many small to large customers use Mozy to protect critical information stored at the edge. Here are some of the things that will be covered in the session. What is Mozy online Backup, Why are many of Dell EMC customers using Mozy to protect endpoint data, How does Mozy mitigate risk from a malware attack.

Data Security: 3 Ways to Protect Your Company from the Inside Out

There seems to be news of a major data breach in the headlines almost every week. Conventional wisdom suggests that securing the network and perimeter of an IT environment should be enough to protect a company from a breach – but what if that breach originates internally? How can a situation like this be averted? Today companies need to protect themselves from the inside out by first recognizing which of their data is sensitive and then ensuring that it’s properly secured.

When the unexpected strikes, what do you do next?

Natural and human-made disasters such as a hurricane, earthquake, a cyber-attack and fire are unpredictable and can occur any time. When organizations are affected by a disaster, it is essential to have comprehensive cybersecurity plans such as the Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan in order to function effectively - during a disaster, in the recovery phase, and after. Unfortunately, many organizations are not compliant. As a result, they can face significant challenges when a disaster strikes, including a loss of revenue as well as reputation. This webinar will educate attendants about the importance of having these plans in place and what is involved in designing and implementing them effectively.